These example auctions illustrate the potential impact to both the bidder and the charity of the unique BidforGood bidding platform.


As you can see by these examples.


A key point in our platform is having as many bidders involved as possible so that the bids remain extremely low, yet the rewards are substantial for the charity’s fundraising goal.

14 Bidder Example
Imagine the power of Pennys… and I mean just a few cents… 

With thousands of bids (including most at just a few cents).


The goals are reached quickly and real deals are made!


Talk about Fun…


Fast paced… Low bids and…


Great Charities have real fundraisers without wasting half of it… trying to make it


Cause we make it easy and its all in one place!


And the best part
Even when you don’t… *You still WIN!!!


56 Bidder Example

*You win by still having a deductable donation to the respective Charity auctioning the item.

BIDFORGOOD.ORG works with multiple vendors for the absolute lowest prices so that non-profit charities can get the best deals on their auction items.

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