Welcome to BIDFORGOOD.ORG, a unique entertaining fundraising auction website designed to be fun and valuable to the community.
We exist to serve others.


The main objective of BIDFORGOOD.ORG is to provide a platform for a Fun and Unique way to allow people to get some awesome deals and provide a way to give back to your community.


Provide a web-based auction solution that is unique and fun.
To increase our finacial well being as well as that of some non-profit charities through a 15% donation of the profits of our auctions.
To improve potential financial goals by making the process uniquely enjoyable and innovative!


To exceed the expectations of our bidding members.


To build long-term relationships with our bidding members by providing a positive, unique and enjoyable auction system that ensures honesty, integrity, and fairness.


We integrate honesty, integrity, fairness and positive work ethics into all aspects of our organization.
We believe no one should ever leave us unhappy, so we will work with you if there is ever a dispute.
We grow through creativity, invention, innovation, and reputation.


Expansion of our services to other avenues where we can be successful while maintaining our Core Values.
Increase the assets of BIDFORGOOD.ORG to support an increase in our reach.
To become the “Best Name in the Business” based on our reputation.


BIDFORGOOD.ORG provides our bidding members an opportunity to experience unique online bidding.
With this innovative system, bidding members and BIDFORGOOD.ORG will both benefit and will ensure there will continue to be new enhancements upcoming as well.