Be a Winner by helping others with donations to some awesome charities!

Be a Winner by Winning – If you are the top bidder, you win!

Be a Winner by having Fun! – Fun with Friends…!

This sounds too good to be true… so how can this work?

This is not a pyramid scheme but, the more bidders, the better and you will see why as we go on.

It’s a simple process and it starts with you and the bids!

A Bidders account balance is used to bid from.

As each bid is made (the max bid by each bidder for the item [in this case the camera] is taken from each bidder’s remaining account balance and accumulates until the $75 goal is reached. Once the goal is reached a timer starts and the auction will run until the bidding slows to a set rate. The person that made the 1st Top Bid will Win the auction once it ends.

The Winner will have their account deducted but, their’s is not a tax deduction – instead, it will be invoiced as a purchase and will be taxable.

Now hopefully you can see why everyone would want many, many people bidding… because the more bids – the smaller they can be and, the bid goal can be reached quicker and the winning bid can remain extremely low.

Bidding Example
So here is the result of the above auction.
The Charity made $50.75 on their fundraiser.
198 people donated a dollar or less to this Charity while having a fun time bidding on the auction.
The Winner paid $1.00 for a $25.00 digital camera and we made a small amount considering we had to purchase the camera from a vendor originally.

Oh, and have we mentioned… No One knows how much anyone else bids or how many bids there are or what the bid pool is?

This is so much fun… tell your friends!!! – You will want them all to join and start bidding!

A key point in our platform is having as many bidders involved as possible so that the bids can remain extremely low, while the winning Bidder’s reward is truly worth coming back to bid for more!

Imagine the power of Pennys… and we mean just a few pennies…

With potentially thousands of bids (including most at just a few cents).

The goals are reached quickly and real deals are made!

Talk about having some Real Fun…

Fast-paced… Low bids and…

Great Charities have real fundraisers without spending half of it… trying to raise it

Cause we make it easy and its all in one place!

And the best part

Even when you don’t… *You still WIN!!!

BIDFORGOOD.ORG works with its vendors for the absolute lowest prices so that non-profit charities can get the best deals on the auction items.